Poaching has been used as a tool by mankind going hand in hand with global warming among many hazards to ensure the extinction and general loss of varied number of wildlife species ranging from those that walk on land to those deep in the oceans. Before everything came to be—the city views we enjoy all over the world, the infrastructure and all the lights, wildlife moved freely. Mankind has chased wildlife into hiding and with all that still no satisfaction. Poaching is the illegal killing of wildlife for trade and other purposes there are. However, not all kinds of wildlife killings are illegal, nor are they all poaching. Killings of wildife that may not be regarded as illegal are like, several wild grown plants cut down for food, medicine, timber while some animals too for leather goods, food, and making medicine. Besides aiding global warming, poaching has in its effects included the deaths and upto permanent disabilities inflicted upon rangers who are only honestly in charge of protecting the well being of wildlife.

Many people living across the globe have demanding lifestyles that arouse the need for more of the products that can only be obtained from poaching. Lavish lifestyled people who aspire to see the products of this inhumane act in their possesion. This is especially concrete when it comes to elephant’s ivory and Rhino horns with other rare animals being gun down for mere decorations. Rare animals; those that are either consequently (as a result of poaching) going down the extinction lane, have been on a low number naturally, or those which are hard to get both killed. The prices of goods from this risky business is pretty high, and as expected. Trade transactions are completed in protected anonymity and every possible measure is taken to escape the long arm of the law. With this, it has become harder to track down the people involved in poaching either by buying or those that go into the fields personally. Given these prior measures taken by the ones involved in the trade, the demanding lifestyles, and the intensity with which multinational corporations, states, non-governmental organisations, and individual philantropists have been involved in the fight against poaching, reflects the growth or for that case deterioration of the trade. The efforts to combat this threatening act are varied across the globe, since the intensity of operation ranges too.

Poaching being as big as the feeling it will arouse in you, it is not as documented. This is in terms of the results of poaching in different localties and nations. In fact, few states provide periodic information with regard to poaching. Information like; number of the kills of different wildlife species, rangers killed or hurt in the process (if there are some), and the arrests made. This shortage in detail may be as a result of a number of possible factors: A result of state’s efforts to protect her image for international affairs; a reflection of state’s ignorance towards ongoing poaching in her territoty; a reflection of the nature of poaching operation within a state whether extremely low, high or intermediate; or a reflection of a state’s political environment among other factors. The information that is given out by other states or non-state organisations may be subject of controversy since the infromation may not be synonymous with the real situation thus raising a question of manipulation. Regardless, these informations given together with other surveys and studies conducted help in the determination of distribution of efforts by powers vowed to the protection of wildlife.

The president of International Ranger Federation, Sean Willmore who is also the founder of Thin Green Line Foundation estimated that about 2 rangers are killed each week across the globe in their involvement in persuing poachers, but the number could be higher. Rhinos and elephants are the foremost victims of poaching with rhino horn pricing for up to an amazing $60,000 per kilogram. Recent comprehensive studies and census suggested that there used to be roughly 20,700 southern white rhinos and 4,885 black rhinos in Africa while only two! Living white rhinos remained in East Africa by 2016. In 2005, CITES Reports shown that the estimated levels of illegal elephant killings in Central Africa have been occuring at unstable rates in comparison to their natural population growth. This means that they were dying faster than how they reproduced. There are some areas around the world that have proven to be notorious when it comes to the smuggling of the organs of poached animals, such areas include China’s international borders.

You may turn to Patriot tours and ask what we have been doing with our awareness at the subject, and probable involvement or contact given the field of work we operate within. We are aware of the dangers posed by poaching to the wildlife, and ecosystem in general and the increasing frequency with which it grows even within the borders of our beautiful nation Tanzania. Provinsion of awareness and education regarding poaching together with equiping the locals with alternative positive development-friendly engagements are among Patriot Tours principle counter measures against poaching. With the establishment of LICA Program underway, Patriot Tours will be one step closer to eliminating poaching in the nation. This Life skills, conservation and Anti-poaching program that is abbreviated to ‘LICA’ involves the equiping of individuals living in close proximity or within national parks and conservation areas in especially southern half of Tanzania with the skills necessary to protect themselves in a capitalist world, and abandon poaching as a way of earning. Through the program education will be provided on how to conserve the natural environment and combat poaching starting down with the children as the focused recepient. ‘Ivory Belongs to the Elephants’ camping walk is yet another effort that Patriot Tours has been supporting. This camping campaign helps raise awareness and generate money to help in the running of initiatives involved with the protection of elephants against poaching and the illegal elephant tusks business.

You have the opportunity to work together with Partriot Tours to save the existence of wildlife, which honestly desreve to see tomorrow just as much as you and I do. Your support means one more child gets to know the dangers of poaching; one more child gets to hate poaching and love animals; one more child vowes to protect nature; one more child aspires to inspire thousand others. With poaching out of the way, resources are expected to be re-directed towards undoing the harm inflicted by mankind onto the natural environment and contents. Rehabilitation of the nearing-extinct animals and plant species and rehabilitaion of their habitats. It is our dream to see the earth the way it was supposed to be. Patriot Tours is inviting you not only to dream, but build with us this future we demand, not as a luxury but a necessity for the survival of life on the magnificent planet earth.